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Brigada Eskwela ’22: ULSSI Raises Kids’ Interest in Science

There is a chance for “a life well-lived” for students of CAA Las Piñas Annex as UL Skin Sciences (the personal care business unit of United Laboratories, Inc.) brought this year’s Brigada Eskwela ’22 to their school. ULSSI and Brigada Eskwela created this webinar series to inspire students to learn more about science, particularly cosmetic science and hygiene.

Esteemed members of ULSSI innovations and the Research and Development team facilitated the webinar sessions. Before each main speaker talked, Ms. Alyana Chuatoco, Corporate Branding Group Lead of ULSSI, shared about their mission to enrich the lives of Filipinos by creating a difference through personal care products. Through simple dabs, spray, slather, wipe and wash, people could live significantly better lives.

Each of the episodes incorporated live telecast teachings on topics such as personal care, hygiene, and cosmetic science, together with audio-visual presentations from ULSSI brands such as Myra E, Celeteque, Equiva, Fortima, Lactezin, and pH Care. Students were also encouraged to participate in the live program by playing games and answering questions!

Overall, the webinars helped the students understand more about the body and learned how to properly care for it. Wondered how this session went? Check out this summary of key learning points that shall give you an idea of what the students learned during the presentations in the series!

How to Apply Cosmetic Science in Real Life

Ms. Zei Reyes, ULSSI Innovations Product Manager, began her presentation by defining cosmetic science as the study of products designed to improve the appearance of the nails, skin, hair, and other body surfaces.

She mentioned how Filipinos place a high value on personal grooming. In fact, personal care and cosmetic science are already a part of our routine. It starts with washing our faces in the morning to taking a shower in the evening. Currently, 21 million Filipinos between 16 and 59 years old use personal care items.

More importantly, there is no gender when it comes to self-preservation! Cosmetic science is for everyone. Women use at least four personal care products in a day. On the other hand, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that men use at least two products daily. Both men and women need skin and body care products to maintain their outer appearances.

Ms. Reyes stressed that ULSSI does not focus on selling products to people but rather on enriching their lives. When you use personal care products, you become more presentable and, as a result, more confident. ULSSI provides the best personal care solutions that help take care of people daily so they can pursue big things in life.

On top of that, she also managed to show videos and testimonials from students, regular people, and even popular influencers to highlight how simple changes in appearance from personal care products and cosmetic science knowledge can improve quality of life.

Knowing the Facts: What Is Hygiene and Its Importance?

In the last part of Brigada Eskwela’s webinar, Ms. Christa d, ULSSI’s R&D (Research and Development) Officer asked the students an important question: “Hygiene has been discussed many times in public and on several multimedia platforms, but did you know that hygiene affects not only your physical health but also your mental health?”

The talk begins with Ms. Vidallo mentioning how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defined hygiene as “cleanliness practices that lead to good health.” She went on to explain how poor hygiene contributes to body odor and, as a result, how the mentioned issue can even contribute to depression.

Ms. Vidallo mentioned in the latter part of her lecture that there are various types of hygiene, such as hand hygiene, body hygiene, facial hygiene, dental hygiene, and sickness hygiene or etiquette.

She then stressed the value of practicing healthy hygiene habits like sanitizing your hands, taking a bath, washing your face, brushing your teeth with fluoride, and staying away from crowds when you are sick. All of these hygiene tips may aid in the prevention of getting and spreading certain viruses and bacteria.

The Takeaway

Create bold impacts through mindful choices! Both cosmetic science and hygiene are undeniably vital in our daily lives. The choices you make for yourself, whether about personal care products or ways to improve your daily hygiene routine, affect your quality of life. Giving your body more time and attention benefits both your mental and physical health.

Remember that although it is essential to practice personal hygiene, we must also be mindful of maintaining cleanliness in our environment.

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