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Brigada Eskwela 23: Empowering Beautiful Lives with Self-Care

A new school year is always a chance to show off your confident self. However, where does one start when it comes to living a beautiful life? The answers are quite simple: good hygiene practices and self-care strategies are the keys!

As part of its efforts to empower the next generation to live #BeautyFullLives, UL Skin Sciences Inc. (ULSSI) launched the first two episodes of the Brigada Eskwela 2023 Webinar Series last August 24, 2023 in partnership with the Las Piñas CAA National High School. 

Students of the Las Piñas CAA National High School were given the opportunity to learn about good hygiene practices and feminine care strategies to allow them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Helping Students Understand Value of Self-Care and Good Hygiene, the ULSSI Way

In “Episode 1: Holistic Self Care: Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy,” ULSSI Research & Development (R&D) Officer Ms. Christa Loraine Vidalio discussed the role of good hygiene not just in improving cleanliness but also overall physical and mental health.

She highlighted how good hygiene is one of the key components of a healthy self, and this can be further classified according to five types, namely handwashing, bathing, facial hygiene, dental care, and sickness-related hygiene. 

She also touched on the value of keeping the environment clean, just like how we would take care of our bodies. After all, dirty surroundings can cause bad hygiene and lead to certain illnesses.

Students were also given a chance to ask Ms. Vidalio about the best hygiene practices to start or continue. She also touched on some ULSSI hygiene and skin care essentials students should consider using more frequently, and ideal ingredients to look out for when they’re searching for products that’ll help tackle whatever concerns they are facing. 

Bringing Feminine Care to the Forefront

Meanwhile, in “Episode 2: TeenTok: Normal bang pag-usapan ang Feminine Care?”, pH Care Brand Lead Alena Perez touched on a very important topic for female students in their adolescent and teenage years. 

A lot of conversations surrounding feminine care (periods included) have been very discreet. As a result, some girls do not get access to the information they need to navigate this chapter in their lives and feel very anxious about what’s going to happen next. 

In this webinar, Ms. Perez discussed how the female body changes during periods, as well as some of the common misconceptions associated with them. This way, even boys who attended can learn how these affect their female classmates and even other female companions. 

She also discussed vital tips that can help girls take care of their intimate feminine area, such as using a specially-formulated feminine wash like pH Care Daily Feminine Wash. Ms. Perez also gamely answered questions from some attendees about other feminine care tips

On the Path to #BeautyFullLives

With this webinar series, ULSSI hopes to not only provide crucial information to a younger generation, but also give them the ability to make empowered decisions when it comes to their personal hygiene and/or feminine care.

As Ms. Alyanna Chuatoco, the Corporate Branding Lead of ULSSI, mentioned during these two webinars, “In ULSSI, we really believe that beauty and well-being really starts with you and the choices you make for yourself. By providing you with the best-in-class personal care solutions that are backed up by health and science, we take care of your beauty and well-being every day so that you can pursue the bigger things in life.”

ULSSI is the personal care business unit of the UL Health Group, a subsidiary under UNILAB, the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines.

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