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Discover Dimples Romana’s Secret to Immunity and Healthy Skin 

Dimples Romana has long been a familiar name in the glamorous world of show business, but there is definitely more to this bedimpled beauty than just being an award-winning and prolific actress. 

Dimples Romana. Mom of two (soon to be three, as she is pregnant right now), entrepreneur, digital content creator, health advocate, and a lot more. It’s never easy wearing different hats with all these roles, but Dimples confidently aces all these. Whatever the challenge is, she amazingly manages to get the strength  to overcome everything while looking her best.   

The secret? Fortima, the power pill for power women like Dimples. It has the powerful synergy of three essential nutrients that keep the body strong and the skin healthy looking. It contains more than just vitamin c (500 mg Sodium Ascorbate) which is responsible for keeping the body strong. It is enhanced with zinc (27.5 mg zinc sulfate monohydrate) that boosts the body’s immune system and natural defenses against sickness. Above all, what sets Fortima apart from other immunity vitamins is the addition of Vitamin E ( 22 I.U) which is an antioxidant that fights free radicals, keeping the skin healthy and young-looking. 

This  power vitamin keeps our power mom Dimples Romana on top of all her challenges. Health, through the help of Fortima, powers her through. As she quips in a recent online event, “Health is the number one priority of everyone nowadays. No matter how pretty you might look, you cannot go to work if you are sick. Fortima has done wonders for my body and my skin. 

With all the benefits that Dimples has experienced firsthand in taking Fortima, she confidently says that this is already a part of her daily routine. Given that, she sees to it that she has a balanced diet and active lifestyle on top of her daily intake of Fortima. Rightfully so, because  the demands of her showbiz commitments, family schedule, and personal endeavors can be very challenging. This makes Fortima perfect for busybodies like working moms, on-the-go yuppies, even adult students dealing with hectic school demands.  

With Fortima, Dimples is strong enough to take on everyday challenges and stay fresh-looking from sun up to sun down.   

With many roles also come many challenges. But with Dimples, it’s always #FortimaChallengeAccepted.

With Fortima, you too can power through all day and be the best that you can be in any given situation – career, family, self, others. The secret isn’t so much of a secret anymore. For anyone who wants to be on top of every role, there’s only one way to do it: take Fortima. Now available through Lazada, Shopee, and BeautyMNL& ULSSI Webstore. 

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