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“Ako pa ba?”: Catriona Gray is Ready for the Universe with Myra

Learning how to believe in yourself may be a huge life challenge to overcome. However, standouts know that confidence is not something you inherently have: it is something you create.  

This wisdom is what advocate, host, singer, Miss Universe 2018, and newest Myra ambassadress, Catriona Gray, has carried with her throughout her career. 

“It’s been such a long journey for me,” she fondly looks back at everything she went through, including having Myra in her beauty arsenal since she was a teenager in 2012,  “To be here, finally putting together my own Myra project after so long, I’m so so excited not only to be a part of this family but to also really represent Filipina women being at their best.” 

However, even she admits to feeling shy and unsure of herself, “I didn’t start off this way.” Catriona shared how she always felt uncomfortable during public speaking when she was younger.  

While Catriona has been a pillar of poise for quite some time now, her journey towards that goal hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In fact,  during a Facebook Live event last April 12, with KaladKaren and Dra. Francesca Sumilang Sy-Alvarado, she revealed that she learned to embrace failure, “…it has really allowed me to go after what I want with a new drive and passion.” Indeed, acknowledging your vulnerabilities and eventually overcoming them is a mark of a true queen. 

That’s why she’s thankful that she has d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra 400-E) by her side, a powerful antioxidant that helps boost immunity from the inside to protect against sickness and cell damage for healthy glowing skin outside. 

“I’m able to really still have energy. I’m able to still keep my immune system up. In fact, for this whole pandemic, I’ve never once had COVID.” She proudly reveals. 

Catriona effortlessly complements the brand’s inspiring philosophy to embrace beauty and take pride in oneself. That’s why the trust in Myra-E came naturally, “I’ve found na taking Myra every day has been something that’s allowed me to really just perform on that level.” ‘Yan ang Beauty ng E-mmunity! 

Undeniably, Catriona is able to do her best every single time with the help of Myra. “I’m so happy to be a part of a brand that really empowers the Filipina.” That’s why when asked if she is ready for the universe, she knowingly smiles and says, “Ako pa ba?” 

Just like Catriona, you can be ready for the universe!  

Simply take 1 tablet of d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra 400-E) daily with proper diet and exercise. For only P12 per cap 

Vitamin E is generally safe and non-toxic, with no proven side effects. It can be taken along with other supplements and vitamins. For more information about Vitamin E, click here. 

d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra 400-E) is available in all leading drugstores nationwide and online via ULSSI Webstore, Lazada, Beauty MNL, and Watsons 

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