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Dimples Romana’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

Dimples Romana wears many hats as a sought-after actress and digital influencer, loving wife and mother to her family, compassionate confidante to her circle of friends, committed business investor, and many more.

With these roles come non-stop work and obligations, but Dimples does everything while staying fresh and beautiful. You may be wondering — what’s her secret?

Growing up as her family’s breadwinner, it has been ingrained in her DNA to do everything at the same time. While she does recognize that it’s normal to feel tired after accomplishing tasks, she doesn’t want to let the exhaustion stop her.

In fact, she is game to put in some work — whether it’s a big or small task, “may bayad man iyan o wala.” “I feel like there’s always something to learn in every experience we go through,” she says.

And one learning she took into heart while working on projects throughout the pandemic was the importance of maintaining good health. After all, not only does good health make a big difference in your quality of life, but it also paves the way for new opportunities.

“Kapag hindi ka healthy, nagsasara ang lahat ng bagay para sa iyo Alam na natin na sa pandemya, kapag may sakit ka hindi ka pwede papasukin. The reality is, if you’re not healthy to do the job, no matter how beautiful you look and how beautiful you feel, you will not be admitted to work.”

With this in mind, Dimples really makes an effort to keep her health in tip-top shape. She recommends taking proper supplements that can help you keep your immune system up and your skin healthy at the same time.

With Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc Fortima®, she is able to stay fresh and beautiful, and feel more powerful. “Importante sa akin with Fortima [ay] na-combine niya iyon. Na I feel and look beautiful, and at the same I am healthy and not only healthy, but I am strong.

And the results really speak for themselves, as Dimples is not just strong enough to accomplish her tasks with ease, but looks beautiful and fresh while doing so. Truly, when you put your health in the front seat like Dimples, ang iyong ganda ay mukhang hindi napapagod.

Dimples manages to juggle her many roles as wife, mother, actress, brand ambassador, and businesswoman, while effortlessly looking beautiful.

Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc Fortima® May Help Make You Achieve Lakas-Ganda

There are many reasons Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc Fortima® is the best multivitamin for Dimples.

Compared to other choices in the market that provide either beauty or immunity only, Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc Fortima®’ provides both in one tablet. 

This is great especially for adults who hustle tirelessly day in and day out but still want to look fresh all the time. According to her, “Sa Fortima®, you get the benefits of both—malakas ka na, maganda ka pa.”

She also cites the formula’s practicality, convenience, and effectiveness. Usually, people buy products with vitamins C and E and Zinc separately. But with Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc Fortima® she doesn’t need to worry about this since she’s able to receive all the possible benefits of the nutrients in one formula.

Dimples truly embodies the Lakas-Ganda Woman.

Why Make Fortima® a Part of Your Health Arsenal

Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc Fortima® contains Fortibella Complex®, a combination of these powerful nutrients that work harmoniously to help provide a number of benefits:

  • Vitamin E (22 IU of d-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate): It has antioxidant properties that help target free radical-caused skin damage. Free radicals are toxins produced by the body once it’s exposed to pollution, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.
  • Vitamin C (500 mg of sodium ascorbate): This vitamin helps promote collagen production in your skin so it becomes more supple. It also aids the body in increasing its defenses against illness.
  • Zinc (27.5 mg):  This well-known mineral helps enhance your immune system and provides antioxidant capabilities that protect your skin against harmful free radicals.

Together with proper diet and exercise, being beautiful can go hand-in-hand with being healthy with Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc Fortima®. Just like Dimples, you can be at the top of your game and overcome the challenges that come your way while looking good and feeling strong.

Take one (1) tablet orally daily at any time of the day, ideally after meals. Fortima is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide, the ULSSI webstore, Lazada, and Shopee.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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