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ULSSI is an organization with a wide range of career areas to explore. Choose from among ULSSI’s career spheres: Marketing, Innovations, Digital Business Engineering, Finance, Consumer Insights, Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Demand & Supply Chain, International Business Development, Human Resources.


Work with highly engaged teams who are passionate and results driven, while working in a fun environment. At ULSSI, we strive for excellence in everything that we do & persevere in achieving our full potential to reach our collective goal.


At ULSSI, we believe that a life well-lived starts with the small changes you do for yourself. Join us, and play a vital role in shaping the lives of our consumers by creating differences that matter.


ULSSI provides you a holistic experience where there is opportunity for you to utilize your skills, enabling you to do things that are important to you, without losing sight of personal fulfillment, and sharing the fruit of your success with your family and the community.

Our Teams

The Human Resources team is ULSSI’s partner in building organizational capability, and driving engagement through the creation of HR programs and intervention anchored on strengthening a High Performance Culture and Engagement for ULSSI. The core thrusts of the HR team are Talent Management, Culture, and Total Rewards and Engagement.

The Digital Business Engineering (DBE) unit exists with a vision to be the go-to change leaders who will pioneer integrative digital solutions for ULSSI’s digital transformation. The DBE unit reinforces the division’s culture of innovation and continuous improvement through smart and reliable solutions that are sustainable and value adding to the business.

The Supply Planning team supports the business by ensuring right quantity of stocks at the right time. The team spearheads the careful planning of materials and finished goods requirement to ensure business continuity and seamless operations.

Research & Development is the function that leads the design and development of science-based personal care solutions that deliver best value and provide delightful consumer experiences. The team is in charge of managing various technologies that can lead to the creation of new & innovative products and packages.

The Demand Management team is tasked to drive Operational Excellence to improve service level, responsiveness and better efficiencies through driving accurate demand forecast that captures both sales channel plans and marketing plans that is aligned to the business objective.

The ULSSI Quality Assurance Team is a dynamic group of compliance-driven individuals who ensures only the highest quality products are available to consumers. With consumer-centricity at its core, the team oversees the end-to end quality processes and standards of starting materials, products, storage and distribution at all stages of the product lifecycle from development to commercialization.

The Marketing Department is composed of the Brand Marketing, Marketing Operations, and Corporate Branding and Experience teams. The department manages ULSSI’s brands, and moves these brands to success, while grounded on the values that these brands represent, through use consumer insights to drive business decisions and plans, using consumer data paired with keen market sensing that are relevant and appeal to the market.

Regulatory Affairs is the function that enables the development and commercialization of consumer-centric products of UL Skin Sciences, Inc. at the fastest possible time by ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. The RA team is the bridge that connects the company to the regulatory authorities, mainly the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so that compliant products can reach our consumers and enable them to have a life well-lived.

The Corporate Strategy group ensures that the business continues to evolve in terms of growth and sustainability and with optimum alignment of plans across all units.  It is in-charge of the organization’s cyclical planning processes, including business continuity and sustainability.

The Innovations team is the product think tank of ULSSI. It is in-charge of new product developments and ensuring that ULSSI’s portfolio is relevant, unique and appealing to consumers.

The Business Development Group is in-charge of developing new markets and new revenue streams strategically aligned with ULSSI’s vision of a life well-lived for everyone.

The Consumer Insight Group serves as ULSSI’s key connection to consumers, always striving to represent their agenda to achieve true consumer centricity for ULSSI Brands various endeavors. The Consumer Insight Group is steadfast in ensuring the provision of current quality market research data and other relevant information as basis for generating deep and actionable consumer insights.

The Finance team provides financial and overall advice on business strategy formulation, forecasting, monitoring, and leads the financial planning and operational budgeting to support the business strategy and sustainability.

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