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Women belong everywhere.
Women belong in STEM.

More than just a platform, it is a movement. Pinays Can STEM is an online community designed to empower and encourage young Filipinas to pursue their STEM dreams while inspiring other girls to become future trailblazers in the field of science.

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Pinays Can STEM:
Empowering Filipinas in STEM Careers

Women, given the inspiration and tools, can flourish in any field– including STEM.

This is the core belief that drives Pinays Can STEM. An advocacy of UL Skin Sciences in partnership with Unilab Foundation and their flagship program STEM+PH, this movement’s primary aim is to empower Filipinas in choosing STEM as their career path.

UL Skin Sciences, as a science-driven company that primarily caters to women through health and wellness products, wholly supports this cause for the empowerment of women in the field of science. Through Pinays Can STEM, it is our biggest goal to encourage Filipinas to live a life well-lived by providing them the tools and inspiration to pursue their dreams in STEM– and paving the way for others to do the same.

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Connect + Build + Inspire

Together we can build a community of STEM-driven Filipinas that provides them a platform to be advocates by celebrating women anywhere, everywhere.

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