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5 New Work Values To Develop This 2022

Lessons learned during the pandemic about working better and healthier.

COVID-19 taught us so much—from the meaning of work-life balance, the importance of stress management, the need for purposeful work, the importance of upskilling, to crisis management techniques. 

We’ve compiled tips we learned over the last two years that can help make life so much better and sustainable. Here’s our rundown:

Upskill always.

The pandemic encouraged many people to explore totally new ventures, like baking and selling ube cheese pandesal online or switching to completely new industries. This reminds us that learning should never stop. Always be open to improving your repertoire of skills, like familiarizing yourself with new-fangled technology that can make working from home easier. 

Let it go.


Mistakes, getting told off, arguments, and feeling that you’ve performed badly are all normal experiences at work. The best way forward is to turn these moments into learning opportunities that will refine you as a professional and as a person. It also helps to assume that whatever your bosses or co-workers do is in the best interest of your company. Don’t hold grudges or take criticism personally. Breathe, learn, and let go. 


Learn stress management techniques that work for you.


Keep mentally healthy by prioritizing stress management. Work out, meditate, paint, write, go on hikes. It also helps to set clear work hours if you work remotely to maintain a sense of balance. 


Make sure your job satisfies you.

Some people feel that they have to tolerate their jobs. They don’t enjoy it and they don’t look forward to it. Imagine what kind of stress that gives. That’s why finding a job that aligns with your personal values is crucial.


Maybe you find it important to have enough time with your family and friends. Maybe you love adventure, taking risks, and trying new experiences. Or maybe you want to make a difference in the world. Whatever it is, find a job that gives you the chance to live out your values at work.


Take care of your body.

Sicknesses can stop you from fulfilling the things you want to do. So listen to your body and prioritize your health. Rest when you need to, sleep well, eat nutritious food, work out, and take your daily vitamins.


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5 New Work Values To Develop This 2022

Lessons learned during the pandemic about working better and healthier.

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